Friday, October 19, 2012

Time to Update the ol' CV!

Today marks an exciting event in my academic career! Actually, October 10th marked the exciting event, but I didn't notice it until today. Jon Marcoux's volume "The Cherokees of Tuckaleechee Cove," a University of Michigan Museum of Anthropology publication, is officially available! For the first few years of my PhD, I worked on cataloging, describing and analyzing the stone tools from the Townsend sites in Tuckaleechee Cove. Thanks to the many, many hours I logged on this project, I got to be a contributing author on the volume, having helped to co-author the stone tools chapter. I find this particularly exciting because it's my first publication that's actually available for sale on Amazon!

Here is the link to the UMMA new publications:

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  1. Well! How VERY exciting for you Honey! Dad and I are VERY proud of you and so very PLEASED FOR YOU too. Way to go! Let it be the first of many��