Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Proper "Lady Scientist"

Well, it has happened: the ol' dissertation has pushed my eyeballs past their limit. I had an eye appointment and the doctor suggested I invest in a pair of those over-the-counter reading glasses you can buy to give my eyes a little break. CW is excited because, as he has  told me on many occasions, he thinks I would "look adorable in glasses." I'm excited because my head is already starting to hurt less from the eye strain, and everything I read is a whole lot clearer!

So, here I am in my new specs, doing my very best "I'm a scientist" impression. Note the tell-tale characteristics: hair up in a bun; expression of deep contemplation; and the absolutely defining characteristic of the elusive North American Lady Scientist Grad Student -- the (Halloween) pencil in the hair! (That's how you know I'm bona fide!)

Hope CW likes them!


  1. Yep! You're Bona Fide! They look great Honey. Hope they really help!

    1. They certainly seem to be helping. I might actually get a second pair -- slightly stronger -- for when my laptop is a little farther away. These seem to be doing the trick for up-close reading, though! (And CW approves!)