Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Wee Bit of Winter

We haven't had much winter to speak of here in the Midsouth, except for a couple of blasts of colder air that have actually brought with them some picture-worthy weather. It snowed on us one day, which sent everyone into a bit of a frenzy of course.

This doesn't look like much snow, and it's not...not until you put it on an incredibly steep driveway and add a nice layer of ice underneath it. Husband got stuck at home one day as the driveway was utterly impassable. (Ask me if he was upset about having to take a "snow day"!) He did make one attempt to get down the driveway, and jack-knifed off into the woods about half way down. This required an emergency call to Father-in-Law, who rescued us with his tractor!
Martin Scorsese, the cat, was not amused by this weather and he made a couple of extremely valiant attempts to be an indoor kitty on the night of the storm. By the next day, though, the sun had come out, and he seemed to be enjoying this strange turn of events.

This snow melted quite promptly, and made the air all nice and moist. But the morning after the major thaw, the air was still quite cold. The moisture condensed, creating a dense fog that froze on to absolutely everything! I grabbed my camera quickly and ran around trying to get some pics of the foggy, frosty morning. It was quite stunning, and I'm not sure these photos do it justice.

I really couldn't capture just how incredible our little pin oak looked, but as you can see in the photo, every leaf was outlined in white. It really was quite spectacular!

And now, although it is a bit chilly again, it is starting to look like spring. My daffodils are up about 6 inches, with fat flower buds already starting to show. The winter isn't over yet, though, and I really hope they haven't gotten ahead of themselves.


  1. Gorgeous! What a lovely record of winter 2013. Hope the icy driveway episode is not repeated too often.

  2. Fortunately nothing much materialized last night, even though they were calling for ice and snow. Our guests were able to get down the driveway this morning, and Clay was able to get to work. I was about ready to go and sprinkle ice cream maker salt on the hill last night!