Thursday, February 7, 2013

Cozy Feet

I am pleased to report that, as I was eating my breakfast this morning, I finished my other sock, and now have a PAIR of socks! Yay! CW is very excited that I can now start on his. I believe that might be this evening's project, although I may need to just start with swatching, as his feet will still be at work by the time I'm done for the day.

I am in writing mode for the afternoon, and I must say my feet are exceptionally cozy, which is a nice change from them freezing this morning). These socks feel fantastic (as CW said "They'd better, seeing as they are custom knit to your feet!") and they're so nice and snuggly. I think I may be hooked on sock knitting. It's a nice kind of project because they're so very usable, being something you can wear almost every day. I always feel a little sorry for my lovely and exceptionally cozy hat that I knit that spends most of our mild winters languishing in the front coat closet. I only bring it out on particularly chilly state occasions. But socks...well, those I wear most every day in the late fall - early spring.

I am going to have to get paying work, though, to support my new habit. This is not an enterprise for a starving student! Thank goodness for Joann, Michaels and Hobby Lobby 40% off coupons!

Back to work I go, with toasty toes!

*ADDENDUM: Just thought I would mention, for the benefit of anyone who wants to try knitting socks but is intimidated by the prospect (as I was), I used Ann Budd's book "Getting Started Knitting Socks." It is a 2007 Interweave Press volume, and it is fantastically user-friendly! She provides readers with an understanding of the "sock formula," which can be adapted to meet any gauge your yarn happens to produce. The illustrations are very clear, the patterns are easy to follow, and she even provides some excellent "troubleshooting" information -- how to prevent gusset holes, for example. All-in-all, a great addition to a knitter's bookshelf!


  1. Well, here's a comment! I recognize those feet! I knows those toes!,i am VERY impressed by your knitting prowess- and the socks look gorgeous and VERY toasty, indeed. I think I have to lean on you to be third in line now. My feet get cold up here in the frozen north and I am a poor old frail person- who has NO hand knit sockses��

  2. Well, that is just the saddest thing I have ever heard! You are definitely next on the list! CW's socks will go a lot faster than mine did. We got him some thicker yarn because he requested "rattling around the house" socks as opposed to "wearing in your shoes" socks. We'll talk -- you can tell me color, fiber, style, etc. Ooh, it'll be nice to be able to make something like this for my Mom after all the things you've made for me over the years!