Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Valentine's Day! We don't tend to be terribly invested in Valentine's Day around our house -- I'm not the kind of lady who wants expensive bouquets of flowers or fine jewels. But we do often take the opportunity to spend a nice day together if our schedules allow, and to make a yummy dinner. This year, though, I got inspired and had a lot of fun putting together a very fun Valentine's gift for my sweetie! As part of this gift, I decided to make CW a really nerdy card (sometimes I just overflow with nerdiness! Also, it felt appropriate, seeing as Tuesday was Darwin's birthday.)

We also made a really yummy breakfast -- Ranchero Breakfast Tostadas with black bean mash, egg, and avocado. I found the recipe on the Bon App├ętit website, via Pinterest. It comes Sara Forte's "The Sprouted Kitchen" cookbook ( It is a delicious concoction -- a blend of fabulous flavors! And, to top it all off, it was incredibly simple to put together.

It's been a good day so far -- and it's not over yet! On tonight's menu: restaurant-style top sirloin steaks, pan-seared brussels sprouts...and, for dessert, dark chocolate mousse! All of this means that tomorrow's menu will consist of: coffee, with a side of celery; celery sandwich; and grilled celery!


  1. What a LOONY!! You ARE A LOONY! Love ya anyway. Happy Valentine's Day folkses❤❤����

    1. That's OK, because my husband is a loon, too! We deserve each other! Happy Valentine's day to y'all!